Disneyland by the mile: A walking trip report

Last Month I shared a brief trip report on how many miles we logged while walking around Disney World in May. As promised then, I’m now following up on a similar report from our visit to Disneyland in June. On this trip, we went with some friends who have never been to Disneyland before. Because of that, we felt compelled to show them as much of Disneyland as we possibly could—​which, of course, meant a lot of walking.

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Walkin' Around the World

Back in February, I shared our walking trip report for our December trip to Walt Disney World. I reported that on that 7 day trip, we walked over 68 miles and averaged 9.74 miles per day. Today, I want to update you on our most recent trip and take a look at how many miles we put in. This particular trip, April 29-May 3, was unique in the sense that Raymie was there for training purposes.

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These parks are made for walking

I had big plans of posting a trip report from our December stay at Beach Club, but have since decided that such an article would be extremely long and could be summarized simply with "It was a lot of fun!". So instead of giving a play by play on everything we did and everything we ate, I thought it’d be more informative to share how much we walked. Although busses, boats, and monorails are helpful to get you from your resort to the parks, it’s up to you and your two feet to get you around once you arrive at a park.

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