A few introductions are in order

After setting up this blog in December, we hopped on a plane and went to Disney World for a week. Then with the holidays and other activities consuming our time, we’re just now getting around to writing our first real blog post. As is customary, we’ll start by introducing ourselves and telling you a bit about how we became obsessed with Disney World and Disneyland. My name is Craig and I’ll probably be the one writing most of the articles here.

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To all who come to this happy blog...

…​Welcome! For just over 3 years, MouseGuests has shared our Disney obsession over social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. But we’ve felt that sometimes those options were limited and we had more to say. So today, just in time for our next trip to Walt Disney World, we’re pleased to unveil our brand new blog! Here we’ll share news, tips, tricks, trip reports, and anything else that we think our Disney-crazed readers will enjoy.

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